16 July 2015

Ancestry Launches AncestryHealth

The following is a press release from Ancestry.com

Ancestry Launches AncestryHealth

Dr. Cathy Petti Joins as Chief Health Officer to Spearhead Company's Global Health Initiatives
AncestryDNA Database Surpasses One Million People Genotyped

PROVO, Utah, July 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ancestry (www.ancestry.com), the leader in family history and consumer genetics, today announced the launch of AncestryHealth (www.ancestryhealth.com), a new entity and resource to empower consumers with important health insights to help promote wellness, prevent illness and support healthier living. The company also announced appointment of Cathy A. Petti, MD, as AncestryHealth's Chief Health Officer. At the same time, AncestryDNA (www.ancestrydna.com) announced the accomplishment of surpassing one million people tested in its database.
AncestryHealth's first offering is a free service, currently in beta, that gives consumers the ability to compile their family health history information with the help of their Ancestry family tree.

Before proceeding with AncestryHealth you are required to acknowledge informed consent. The website explains
AncestryHealth enables you to track your family’s health conditions and preserve a record for future generations.
As an additional option, you can choose to join the Research Project, an initiative to find new health patterns and further medical research. Anonymous health information from you and other participants may help scientific researchers uncover health connections and this could lead to new cures, preventions, and treatments for other people in the future.
The Research Project is completely voluntary. You can still take part in AncestryHealth even if you choose not to take part in the Research Project. 
Although there is presently no link to AncestryDNA can that be long in coming?

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John said...

Are you aware of "Genesforgood" . This is a University of Michigan School of Public Health project to gather genetic and health information. If you participate in the program you can have a free dna analysis and connect with thousands of other people.