16 July 2015

LAC July update to the Soldiers of the First World War database

As of July 15, 2015 there are 171,771 of 640,000 files available online at the Soldiers of the First World War: 1914–1918 database.

A month ago, on June 15, 162,570 files were available so 9,201 files were digitized during the month, an average of 307 files per day. At that rate the digitization would be complete in another 1,525 days which would be Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

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Library and Archives Canada posts that the following files have been digitized :

A to Dagenais (boxes 1 to 2257)
Free to Gorman (boxes 3298 to 3658)

The boxes Dagenais to Fredlund (boxes 2258 to 3297)were skipped in the digitization process, but will be done in the next few months.

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