29 July 2015

Internet Genealogy: Aug/Sept 2015

Here is the table of contents for the new issue with the articles I found particularly worthwhile bolded.

Rich Resources: Online State Archives
Carol Richey reveals the wealth of resources you can uncover in online archives

Seven Resources For World War II Reunion Groups and Associations
Jennifer Holik shares her findings on websites that carry on the memory of those who fought in the US Military in WWII

Digitization Project: Snapshots from The Korean War!
Tony Bandy examines a great resource for anyone researching Korean War ancestors

Uncovering the Bairnsfather Story
Gabrielle Morgan discovers a link to her family in an historic Australian newspaper article that leads her to uncover the real story behind her aunt’s marriage 

National Folklore Collection of Ireland: Schools’ Collection
Joe Grandinetti shows how a 1930s homework assignment in Ireland captured the words and wisdom of elders for posterity

The Wellington Boulder
Constance R. Cherba digs down to find the secrets behind a unique gravestone

Know Your Historical Societies and Find Your Ancestors
Amanda Epperson reveals that there is much more to historical societies than you think

Published and Digital Record Sources of the Revolutionary
Era: A State-by-State List
David A. Norris gives us a peek at some of the resources available for researching Revolutionary War ancestors

Four Essential Keys for Genealogy Backups! 
Tony Bandy reminds us that there is nothing more important than preserving your research work with a diligent backup plan

The Back Page
Never Give Up On a Difficult Ancestor!

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