30 July 2015


WDYTYA Magazine has posted the schedule of episodes for the upcoming UK series of WDYTYA? on the BBC. Again most of these people are unfamiliar to me, which never stopped the episodes being interesting.

13 August: Paul Hollywood
20 August: Jane Seymour
27 August: Derek Jacobi
3 September: No episode
10 September: Jerry Hall
17 September: Gareth Malone
24 September: Anne Reid
1 October: Frank Gardner
8 October: Anita Rani
15 October: Mark Gatiss
22 October: Frances de la Tour

There are 10 episodes in this series, twice the number in the current US TLC series, which is the shortest they've scheduled. This US series features: Ginnifer Goodwin; J.K. Rowling (originally broadcast in the UK in August 2011); Alfre Woodard;  Bryan Cranston and Tom Bergeron.


Gail B said...

I look forward to the BBC series as we use ex-pat TV and I know a number of the individuals listed. Have saved the info online. Thanks for this.

As for the U.S. Version -- the Ben Affleck-Louis H Gates scandal has taken its toll. I wonder that Gates would ever have allowed such a cover up of ancestral information. A local professional genealogist tells me she was completely unimpressed with the sources that the U.S. version used.

Would that the CBC would re-start a Canadian version ---- might be interesting to see who is more Canadian --- Donald Sutherland or Mike Duffy. Smile.

Gail Roger said...

Important to note that the Ben Affleck/Louis Gates debacle was *not* "Who Do You Think You Are?" (which, admittedly has its own problems in the US version, due to lacking the BBC stance against advertisements), but the PBS show "Finding Your Roots". I recognize seven out the ten celebrities featured in the upcoming British season and am looking forward to it enormously!

Gail B said...

Thanks to Susan Gail Rogers for the correction. I stand happily corrected, as I only saw the Louis Gates show once I think, and conflated it with WDYTYA.

Years ago, CBC had a genealogy show featuring celebrities such as Misha B-G, Randy Bachman and more. Absolutely great. One season and cancelled. I inquired why they cancelled and they answered there was just not enough interest. Sad that. With CBC cuts continuing, I expect we'll never see its like again here. That said, it would be just the perfect thing to hook people back into watching Canadian TV.

Like Rogers, I recognize 7 of ten of the Brits, and we watch expat TV so don't have to wait till some version comes on months later in Canada.

Well done, John, for alerting us to this.