17 July 2015

Findmypast weekly update adds British criminal records

This week Findmypast adds.

Additional Home Office and Prison Commission prison records (PCOM 2)
Now containing 645,193 results, PCOM 2 consists of a variety of documents concerning prisons and prisoners held by the Prison Commission and the Home Office. Be sure to check the image original which may well have much more information than the transcript. "The records are very diverse and cover prisons all over England and Wales including Pentonville, Chatham, Portsmouth, Millbank and Wormwood Scrubs prisons among others. There are also records for Gibraltar prison, army prisoners held in the Savoy prison in Middlesex and a number hulks. Records can include minute books, visitors’ books, order books, and the journals of governors, chaplains and surgeons as well as documents relating to prisoner work parties. The set also contains registers of prisoners and habitual criminals including several photograph albums and Calendars of prisoners to be tried at assizes and quarter sessions."

Treasury Departmental Accounts Convict Hulks (TNA Ref: T 38/310-338)
158,251 results with original images and transcripts, "quarterly accounts covering the hulks Bellerophon, Justicia, Captivity, Laurel, Leviathan, Portland, Retribution, Prudentia, Stanislaus and Savage between 1804 and 1831 as well as departmental accounts from 1558 to 1937." Little personal information.

Check out the Findmypast blog for more on records added during Crime and Punishment month.

This week there are also over 800,000 new British newspaper articles and additions to Anglo-Boer War records, 1899-1902

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