10 July 2015

Findmypast new records

Findmypast continues to add British records related to crime.

Registers of Criminal Petitions (HO18) contains 19,342 results. Some petitions have additional documents attached, such as returns of convicts recommended for early release by the governor, newspaper cuttings and other documentation. Very few of the index entries have dates although documents linked do. According to TNA, which has more on HO18 at http://goo.gl/T58KZY the records are for 1839-1854.

Registers of Criminal Petitions (HO19) contains 77,041 results according to FMP which include copied letters that often refer to previous correspondence which may or may not have survived and will usually give the outcome of the appeal. The registers also note the criminals place of imprisonment. According to TNA there are 19,086 records between 1797 and 1853 in HO19

Judges Report on Criminals (HO47) contains 6,890 results comprising of transcripts and images of foliated handwritten letters and reports from judges on cases and criminals and include petitions for free pardons and reductions and commutations of sentences. The records within this set are name rich as defendants, judges, witnesses and victims are all named. They are also of significant genealogical value as details of the family circumstances were often recorded as grounds for clemency. TNA counts 5,793 results for HO47 and some information on individual cases is detailed in the Discovery catalogue.

In additional to the criminal records this weeks sees the addition of:

Shropshire, Shrewsbury St Julian's Parish, 1831 Census records for 631 households. In the images, you can discover if your family employed any servants or labourers, in what type of industry they were involved and how many people were living in the home in May 1831.

British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920 includes names of 94,078 men who fought in the Fourth Ashanti War (1895-1896), Sudan, Boer War, North West Frontier or First World War.

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