08 July 2015

What3words for genealogy

Want to pinpoint a location? What3words divides the Earth into a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares, each with a 3 word address. BIFHSGO holds its monthly meetings and annual conference at best.deserved.recently. Not far away is coffee.bike.singled where OGS Ottawa Branch hold meetings.
For urban locations with street addresses this may not be too helpful or you could use latitude and longitude. My birthplace no longer exists, and never had a street address being known by a building name. I can pinpoint the location on a map, the what3words location is agents.random.breakfast, or maybe adjacent dollar.tangible.ombudsman.
Where it can come into its own is for locations like a grave site. Anywhere on the surface of the earth, even at sea, you can find it on the map at what3words.com. Even better, download the app to your smartphone and record the location while you're visiting and use the navigation to return there later.
Check out the video.

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