08 March 2016

FamilySearch offers Irish genealogy webinars March 17 and 18

Brush up your Irish genealogy skills with four webinars being offered free by FamilySearch.

Thursday, March 17th 1:00 P.M. (EDT)  —“Where is That? Finding and Understanding Places in Ireland” This webinar will teach the significance of Ireland’s places, place-names, and levels of jurisdictions. This knowledge will help lead you to better research practices for finding records and help you make the right ancestral connections in Ireland’s records.

Thursday, March 17th 3:00P.M. (EDT) —“Ireland Census and Census Substitutes” This webinar reveals that though there are numerous missing key records in Ireland, there are a multiplicity of other records including census-type records (heads of household record sets) which can help narrow down the parish where your ancestors lived and when. These may help you find more conclusive information on your difficult Irish ancestral lines in other records.

Friday, March 18th 1:00P.M. (EDT) —“Ireland Catholic Church Records” This webinar will provide you with a treasure-trove of wonderful information about how to advance your Irish Catholic ancestral research. Key websites and how to utilize them will be shown for finding Catholic ancestors.

Friday, March 18th 3:00P.M. (EDT) —“Irish Protestant Church Records” This webinar will reveal some of the background of the Scots’ religious influences in Ireland, and how to trace ancestral connections in Ireland’s records.

No reservation needed to attend any of these webinars, a few minutes before the advertised time click to the Adobe Connect Registration Webinar page.

via https://familysearch.org/blog/en/family-history-library-announces-free-webinar-seriesirish-records-resources-online-march-2016/

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