31 March 2016

Historical Research Using British Newspapers

At WDYTYA? Live you sometimes find products available before they're officially released. I'm hoping that Pen & Sword, a regular exhibitor, have this interesting looking book on British Newspapers by Denise Bates available even though the official publish date is 30 April.

The publisher's blurb reads:

Thanks to digitisation, newspapers from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century have become an indispensable and accessible source for researchers. Through their pages, historians with a passion for a person or a place or a time or a topic can rediscover forgotten details and gain new insights into the society and values of bygone ages.
Historical Research Using British Newspapers provides plenty of practical advice for anyone intending to use old newspapers by:
* outlining the strengths of newspapers as source material

* revealing the drawbacks of newspapers as sources and giving ways to guard against them

* tracing the development of the British newspaper industry

* showing the type of information that can be found in newspapers and how it can be used

* identifying the best newspapers to start with when researching a particular topic

* suggesting methods to locate the most relevant articles available

* demonstrating techniques for collating, analysing and interpreting information

* showing how to place newspaper reports in their wider context

In addition nine case studies are included, showing how researchers have already made productive use of newspapers to gain insights that were not available from elsewhere.

There a bit more here.

Another interesting looking book coming from Pen and Sword, scheduled for release at the end of July, is Tracing Your Ancestors in County Records: A Guide for Family and Local Historians, By Stuart A. Raymond.

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