23 March 2016

Mocavo closing

A note from second tier genealogy database company Mocavo informs that the website will be closing midnight tonight (Wednesday 23rd March 2016) and, over the coming weeks, all of Mocavo’s records will be available on Findmypast.
Cliff Shaw, serial entrepreneur, launched Mocavo from Boulder, Colorado in 2011. Likely the objective was always to develop it to the point where it could be sold to a larger company.
The email I received included the sentences "As you already have a Findmypast account, we’ll give you a 30 day trial completely free as a little welcome gift. You'll receive more information about this in a follow-up email after it’s been applied."
Could that be a 30 day extension of my Findmypast subscription! Too good to be true?


Gail B said...

I received the same email from Mocavo, although I do have either a Mocavo account, nor a Find My Past account.

Hmmm. We shall see where this all leads.

Alison (Vancouver) said...

I have an FMP account and a Mocavo account, but not a paid one. My email said "we'll add 30 days to your account"

Gail B said...

sorry for my garbled earlier comment. I meant I have no account with either Mocavo or FMP. I have heard from FMP that they will unsubscribe me from receiving any news or emails, but since I once did subscribe to FMP, my registration is still there, and if they close out the former info I had used them for --- as a paid subscriber, they will turf that.

Interesting genealogical games playing among so many of the Big Players in this field.