16 March 2016

Ottawa Branch OGS meetings: Saturday 19 March

Another full day is scheduled for Ottawa Branch of OGS at the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood

At 10 am the Scottish interest group will meeting in Room 226 and include a silent austion of Scottish and Irish books.
At 10:30 am the Back to Basics session has John Patton on "Genealogical Resources of Eastern Ontario" in Room 115.
At 1:30 pm, following announcements and a social period, Tad Findley will speak on "A Unique Approach to Publishing Family Research" by Tad Findley. She will describe how one couple decided to present 32 lines of family genealogy to their families. Included will be the types of considerations that genealogists will face when deciding on how to present their years of research. There are many approaches that one might take - it is important to select the one which suits both the type of research carried out and who will be on the receiving end of whatever is published!
At approximately 3:15 pm the Computer SIG will continue a discussion of genealogy software, and other topics arising.
All afternoon sessions are in Room 115.

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