11 March 2016

Guild of One-Name Studies initiatives

Two press releases came in from the Guild of One-Name Studies.

First, those attending Who Do You Think You Are – Live! Birmingham show (7th to 9th April 2016), can save £1 on the normal rate for April joiners and receive a special “show time only” goody bag. Those not attending can still get the discount, but not the goody bag, starting 6th April 2016 at www.one-name.org. The is a joining fee: UK £22.00, Australia AUS$44.00. Canada CAN$44.00, Europe €31.00, New Zealand NZ$47.00 and USA US$37.00. To find out more click here.

Second, a Guild Members’ Website Project will enable the website of each participating member to continue indefinitely as a publicly accessible website after the member has died or ceased to be a member of the Guild. The project is planned to go live on the 1st April 2016.  There is no additional cost for this new member benefit. For the types of site that can participate and other details click here.

When I read "indefinitely – will be available to future generations – the Guild will preserve it and make it available to public view indefinitely as long as it is able" I wonder. Will the Guild take advantage of other web archiving projects, such as the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive and British Library's UK |Web Archive, to increase the chances the material will continue to be available when the inevitable day arrives and the Guild ceases operation?

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Debbie Kennett said...

The Guild's website is already included in the British Library's UK Web Archive:


We applied quite some ago. My blog is also archived by the BL.

The Internet Archive automatically picks up all websites of any size.

The advantage of having the website archived by the Guild is that it becomes part of the Guild website and is indexed by the search engines. If another member takes over the registration of the surname they will have ready access to all the archived material.