21 March 2016

What's special about 10 May?

14 questions in five steps. The first is your telephone number, the second your email address. What's asked on the 2016 short form Canadian census of population would never have been contemplated in 1666. That's when the first ‘Canadian’ census was taken in New France by Intendant Jean Talon. It enumerated 3,215 inhabitants and collected information on age, sex, marital status and locality.

In 2016 Statistics Canada has set the official date of the census as Tuesday 10 May.

The questions on the short form census are here. For the long form census the questions are here.

Again this census you will have to positively agree to having your data released after 92 years, otherwise according to current law, the individual data will never be released.

Expect to receive information from Statistics Canada in early May. They are asking most people to respond online.

1 comment:

Celia Lewis said...

I laughed at the title - it's my birthday then! :)
But, yes, I'll do my census, and agree to letting it be public.
Merci about the heads-up, John.