30 March 2016

Memorable locations?

Why do these locations, decades before these images from Google Street View and Flickr were taken, have a particular significance for me?

Those at the Ottawa Branch OGS banquet on Saturday evening will find out.


Penny said...

Hi John, looks like one of these pictures has a UK connection? And perhaps one from the prairies? Hope to meet you at WDYTYA in Birmingham. I'll be at the SOG stand. Best, Penny

Gail B said...

Location, Location, Location as the Real Estate Ads crow. I don't know about the first or last, but recognize the two-up-two-down U.K. middle one which could be anywhere.

Leaving this weekend for London where eldest child lives, and, having lived in the U.K. ourselves many years, we do recognize the middle one. Do tell.

Sorry we will not be in the part of the U.K. where you are making a presentation...