22 August 2016

Bytown or Bust

Way back in April 2009 I blogged about Bytown or Bust, a long running website/blog by Al and Grace Lewis. It is one I only visit occasionally, I have no Ottawa Valley ancestors, but when I do am always impressed by the material available.
It's now up to 1,700 pages. If you have ancestors who settled in the Ottawa/Gatineau area in the 1800s, more particularly the early part of the century, and especially if they are of Irish origin, www.bytown.net/ must be on your resource list.


agrarian said...

As a researcher with many Ottawa Valley connections, I can vouch for the many leads that this site has generated for me -- and for the helpfulness of Al Lewis as well.

Anonymous said...

I can also attest to how knowledgeable they are both are, and how useful their pages are! They have helped me contact many cousins I had no idea I had!!! Cheers, BT