17 August 2016

Northern Lights: Sound and Light Show on Parliament Hill

A sound and light show has been a feature of summer evenings in Ottawa for 30 years. On Monday evening I joined a crowded lawn in front of the Parliament buildings to see the 2016 version to the show, "a thematic journey through Canada’s history combining bold digital technology with the architectural splendour of the Parliament Buildings."

The story is told through five thematic “books' with transitions marked by a rotation of books as the presentation moves from book to book.

Book One: Foundations of the Nation.
Book Two: Strength in Partnership.
Book Three: Discovery and Adventure.
Book Four: Valour.
Book Five: Pride and Vision.

If only LAC had found a way to link to some of the books in its collection. Maybe next year.

Acknowledging this is a historical presentation, and that parliament is supposed to be for the people, it would be good to see less emphasis on politicians and more on recent achievements, the Canadarm was in space before many in the audience were born. Moving gears may reflect railway history and the Peace Tower clock, but the show could be updated for the 150th and made more current - and digital.

The show is free and worth a visit when in Ottawa. It starts at 9:30 pm in August and 9 pm in September until the 10th, weather permitting.

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Lynne Willoughby said...

I saw the presentation a couple of years ago. From the Conservative government. I too found it overly political and did not care for the underlying messages on how they saw Canada. I guess they use this vehicle for some political advertising along with the entertainment of a light show. They do an amazing job and it is a fun evening. Just wish they could let go of the politics. Could be a lot worse though. I don't think I would like to witness what our neighbours to the south would present.