08 August 2016

Sunday's Meetup and Albert I of Belgium

Eight people enjoyed snacks and conversation at Westboro Beach Cafe on Sunday.
Quite a bit of the conversation was on DNA, including a mention of the mystery of the death of King Albert I of Belgium in 1934.
The Washington Post gave it the headline Mysterious 1934 death of Belgium’s King Albert I may be solved thanks to some bloody leaves. The Daily Mail's version was Mystery of a King's death finally solved: DNA tests on blood-stained tree leaves show climbing accident DID kill King Albert I of Belgium in 1934.
Considering the uncertain provenance of the leaves from which a blood sample matching the King's was taken I'm inclined to take the more nuanced "may" rather than the "finally solved."

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MsAncestry said...

Had a great time! Thanks for arranging these meet ups John!