03 August 2016

Family Tree DNA Sale

News just arrived, via CeCe Moore, of a summer sale from Family Tree DNA.

Retail Pricing
Sale Price

Family Finder

Y37 + Family Finder

Y67 + Family Finder

Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS)

FMS + Family Finder


David Hook said...

Any recommendations as to the best Y-chromosome package?

JDR said...

David: It was pointed out at the Ottawa DNA Group meeting today that the discount packages FTDNA is offering have the discount only on the Family Finder test, the packages reflect a FF discount only. By the way of the world there will be a discount on Y tests along soon enough, unless you're in a real hurry. Which test depends on your objective.

David Hook said...

OK thanks. I already have Family Finder, so perhaps I'll wait a bit for the Y tests to come down