26 August 2016

Digitising Welsh Published Collections

A blog post from the National Library of Wales reports that they have now completed digitizing and making searchable and viewable 1.1 million pages of their newspaper collection, dating from 1804 to 1919.

They are now moving on to digitisation of Welsh books or books published about Wales "which will create a fantastic searchable resource of Welsh and Welsh interest books for the Library’s users, making thousands of long out of print books available to the public again."

Meanwhile at Library and Archives Canada . . .

With the WW1 CEF service file digitization project sucking up most of the oxygen for digitization at LAC I'm coming around to the view in a recent blog post by Allana Mayer that the  “amalgamation” of library and archives is code for erasure of the library activity.

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Gail B said...

The Allana Mayer article was an eye-opener. Very scary. I am forwarding to others. Spent some time this weekend with neophytes who love ancestry.ca and I could not persuade them that public private partnernships with them by our government would not be a good thing.
Gail B