23 August 2016

NWMP Articles in Western Canada Genealogical Society Publications

Earlier this year a blog post reported on a cooperative project between three of Western Canada's genealogical societies. The  Alberta Genealogical SocietyManitoba Genealogical Society and Saskatchewan Genealogical Society all intended having the Northwest Mounted Police as theme for their summer issues.

The intention is now reality. Electronic copies the three issues are available as a benefit of membership in any of the societies. The contents are:

Relatively Speaking (AGS)
Frederick Augustus Bagley (R.S.N. OS 322, NS 247): Maverick by Dale H. Bent and Penelope D.
Frederick Mortimer Gray (R.S.N. 4218): People We Meet by Gori Elder
Honest John Herron (R.S.N. 378): Policeman, Plainsman and Politician by Gord Tolton
Robert Belcher (R.S.N. OS 13, NS 3, 101): One of the ‘Originals’ by Gail Benjafield
Sergeant John Joseph Marshall (R.S.N. 1487) by John J. Marshall
Staff Sergeant Joseph Harvey Price (R.S.N. OS 202, NS 4) by Carol Anne (Price) Marshall
The Search for Ernest Kroesing by Bob Franz

Generations (MGS)
James Black Brown (R.S.N. 6244): Memoirs by Mavis Chalmers
James Black Brown: History Unfolds as Mountie Pioneers Meet by Bob Campbell
Thomas Henry Waring (R.S.N. 790) by Mary Anne Wright
William Henry Lowe (R.S.N. 3524): The W.H. Lowe Mystery by Isabel Campbell; William Henry
Lowe by Jean (Yates Lowe)

Bulletin (SGS)
David Paterson (R.S.N. 235): A Biographical Sketch by John deCourcy Fletcher
History of David (Pry) Paterson written by Frances Gaff Paterson
George Gordon (R.S.N. 2003) by Dennis Gordon
Harry Holdsworth Nash (R.S.N. OS 271, NS 399) by Richard Nash
Richard Elmes Steele (R.S.N. OS 7, NS 18): One of the Original 300 by Donna Shanks

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