04 August 2016

Rail Map Online

Past and present British and Irish railways are shown in great deatil on a map at www.railmaponline.com/UKIEMap.php. It's built on Google Maps. Zoom in and you'll find obscure defunct rail lines in every corner. Click on Legend to get the names. Can you find the Lydd Military Railway, Porton Light Railway, Hagdate Chromate Railway and the Preasurewood Hills Miniature Railway.


John McConkey said...

That's a great map, John. The National Rail map is not nearly so detailed. I found this out when my wife and I were travelling by train between Gatwick and Portsmouth a few weeks ago. The train was supposed to split (I believe at Horsham) so that the front half went to Portsmouth and the rear half went to Bognor Regis. However the rear half driver didn't show up at Horsham so the entire train had to visit each stop that the 2 halves would have visited. This had me concerned that we would miss the last ferry to the Isle of Wight so I wanted to follow the route the train was taking station by station. Fortunately we didn't have to go all the way down to Bognor and we did make the ferry. But it left me with a bad impression of British Rail. They seem to be continually trying to avoid problems - like worker strikes and track closures.

Trevor Rix said...

A large percentage of current and historical rail for East Anglia appears not to have been included yet.