Wednesday, 1 February 2017

British Newspaper Archives additions for January

The British Newspaper Archive now has 17,932,171 pages (17,567,270 pages last month) from     717 (709) titles online.
There are good runs of the Suffolk and Essex Free Press, Durham County Advertiser, Herts Advertiser, South London Press, Shipley Times and Express, Shields Daily News, Kildare Observer and Eastern Counties Advertiser, Longford Journal, Wicklow News-Letter and County Advertiser, and Wicklow People. The full list of additions this month is:

Sporting Life1880-1909
Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette1890
Bolton Evening News1910
Athletic News1901-1907, 1909, 1913
Wexford Independent1873
Belfast News-Letter1951, 1954
Suffolk and Essex Free Press1912-1927, 1943-1949
Dartmouth & South Hams chronicle1898
Stonehaven Journal1873, 1880-1902, 1904-1911
Fife Free Press, & Kirkcaldy Guardian1946-1955
Bournemouth Daily Echo1900-1905
Inverness Courier1895-1901
Newcastle Journal1873
Durham County Advertiser1872-1875, 1877-1887, 1889-1892, 1905-1908
Herts Advertiser1866-1878, 1894-1895, 1898-1903, 1905-1907
Bradford Observer1877-1880
Northants Evening Telegraph1957
Hastings and St Leonards Observer1957
Sligo Champion1910
Sheffield Daily Telegraph1906-1907
Kendal Mercury1873
Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail1957
Sussex Agricultural Express1957
Oban Times, and Argyllshire Advertiser1873
Kentish Gazette1873
Hamilton Advertiser1873
Belfast Telegraph1910
South London Press1878-1909
Hampshire Advertiser1914-1923
Barnsley Chronicle, etc.1910
The Halesworth Times and East Suffolk Advertiser.1873
Kings County Chronicle1873
Tyrone Constitution1873
Whitehaven News1873
Cumberland and Westmorland Advertiser, and Penrith Literary Chronicle1873
Cornish & Devon Post1910
Shipley Times and Express1913-1943, 1945-1949, 1951-1957
Walsall Free Press and General Advertiser1873
Shields Daily News1881-1884, 1902-1910, 1912-1925, 1927, 1931-1933
Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette1873
Sidmouth Journal and Directory1873
Shepton Mallet Journal1897
Irish Times1859-1860, 1864-1865, 1875, 1878, 1897
Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal1912
Kildare Observer and Eastern Counties Advertiser1881-1894, 1897-1912, 1914-1929, 1931-1934
Western Morning News1895
West Somerset Free Press1903-1904
Evening Star1893-1896, 1898-1904
Weekly Freeman's Journal1910
Longford Journal1850-1868, 1870-1874, 1876-1880, 1882-1883, 1899-1914
Bradford Daily Telegraph1876-1877, 1886
Donegal Independent1886-1889, 1891-1893, 1896-1898, 1900-1906, 1909-1914, 1917-1919
Leinster Leader1884-1887, 1889, 1891-1894, 1925-1949, 1951-1955
Ballyshannon Herald1851-1863, 1866-1870
Wicklow News-Letter and County Advertiser1860-1872, 1877-1878, 1885, 1897-1913, 1915-1919
Wicklow People1891-1910

Appended below is a list of all the newspapers digitized by Library and Archives Canada in January.

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