Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Society Journal Dsitribution

With postage costs rising, concern for the environment and pervasive use of the web for genealogy, the trend is to switch distribution of genealogical and family history society quarterly or triannual (three-times-a-year) publications to electronic means. The table below shows the situation for some major anglophone societies across Canada. The information is gleaned from the society websites which in some cases is ambiguous. Corrections welcome. Digital includes both email distribution of a pdf and availability through a website. Some "digital" societies make allowance for legacy members who do not have web access.

AGSRelatively SpeakingPublication under review
BCGSThe British Columbia GenealogistHardcopy
BIFHSGOAnglo-Celtic RootsDigital option
FHSNLNewfoundland AncestorDigital only
GANSThe Nova Scotia GenealogistDigital only?
MGSGenerationsDigital option
OGSFamiliesDigital only
SGSBulletinDigital option
VGSJournalDigital option


Gail B said...

I've been an On.Gen.Soc. (OGS) member for years and years. Even had an article of two accepted. As long time member, yes, I can get Families, the journal, online, but I also get it by mail, in print, as I share it with others less inclined to be members.

So, a small, late correction. It is available in print still, especially to older members.
Gail B

Anonymous said...

I receive much more paper in the mail than ever before, even though some bills could be paid online. I do not think we are in a paperless society at all! It is a treat to get my BIFHSGO quarterly in the mail, and to be able to bring it to read it easily wherever I please. We have too much "screen time" as it is. I do not care if it costs a little more to have a paper copy arrive in my mailbox.
M. Anne Sterling