Saturday, 4 February 2017

John Grenham on Why do you love genealogy?

John Grenham wrote:

“Why do you love genealogy?” 
As a leading question, this ranks close to “When did you stop beating your wife?” For years I’ve dodged it by mumbling about coincidence and the need to make a living. Recently, though, I had to answer in public, and found myself coming out with some truths.
 Read Grenham's three reasons here.

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Anonymous said...

I love everything John Grenham mentioned, plus two other things.

One: I learn about real history. Not fictional stuff, not what someone thinks might have gone on then, but what real people experienced in a constantly shifting political, economic, geographical and social environment.

Two: I learn about ancestors of mine I can respect for their courage, resilience, and hard work. I feel that need probably because so many of my immediate family were and are such asses. Cheers, BT