Friday, 10 February 2017

English Roman Catholic records now at Findmypast

Findmypast have reached an agreement with the Roman Catholic Birmingham Archdiocesan Archives and Westminster Archdiocesan Archives to make available sacramental records older than 110 years.

The project, known as The Catholic Heritage Archive, starts online with 488,505 baptisms, 94,717 marriages, 49,880 burials, and 160,393 congregational records.

Baptismal records may include: Birth date, Baptism date, Church, Parish, Father’s name, Mother’s name, Godparents, Priest

Marriages list Marriage date, Church, Parish. Spouse’s name, Spouse’s parish, Father’s name, Spouse’s father’s name, Witnesses’ names, Priest

Burials give Age, Death date, Burial date, Church

Congregational documents include anniversary books, confirmation lists, congregational lists, lists of benefactors and converts, parish diaries, and more. Most records will list the individual’s name, date or year of the event, and contain additional remarks related to the event.

Many records are in Latin.

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