Thursday, 5 April 2018

23andMe update: We're Italian ... mangia

23andMe have delivered the promised Ancestry Composition update, now showing connections to 151 populations around the world.
My continental scale results, shown in the table with a blue background, are unchanged from previously.
0.4% has been reassigned from Broadly Southern European to Italian. The change isn't surprising—my brother's results already showed some Italian.
A line has been added for United Kingdom below British and Irish, and for Germany below French and German but with no percentage indicated. The information under "See all tested populations" shows a Match Strength of 5/5 for United Kingdom and 2/5 for Ireland. Germany and the Netherlands show 1/5 Match Strength. Everything else is 0/5.
A display of "Your Ancestry Timeline" shows most of my ancestry, except the British & Irish and Jewish, dates from before 1800. There's a hint of Sephardi ancestry somewhat later consistent with paper genealogy.
These 23andMe results continue to provide a realistic portrait of my ancestry as far as they go.
It would be nice to see greater regional resolution along the lines provided from the People of the British Isles and Irish DNA Atlas projects.

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