Monday, 9 April 2018

LAC Preservation Centre Virtual Tour, and more

Those of us living in the National Capital Region are fortunate to have the benefit of Federal facilities at hand. It's one of the reasons international diplomats actually choose to retire here. They, and we, don't stay for the weather!
I mentioned last week that I took (another) tour of the LAC Preservation Centre and was again impressed. If you've not had the chance for a tour the next best thing is a comprehensive podcast A Look inside the Preservation Centre (the source of the image of the exterior) together with a series of photos on Flickr.
Before the project it finished LAC should not overlook documenting the work going on in the Preservation Centre on digitization of the CEF service files. If asked I'd advise to do so in a short video made available on YouTube. In these days of limited attention spans people look for information in bite sized chunks, 5 minutes is ideal, and as videos.

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