Monday, 9 April 2018

Ottawa-born who died at Vimy, 9 April 1917

Today marks the 101st anniversary of the start of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Here is a probably incomplete list of those born in Ottawa who died on that day.

JOHN DOUGLASARMSTRONG28Canadian EngineersCanadian
CHARLES ANDREWBUTLER19Canadian InfantryCanadian
ALEXANDER ALLENHALKETT29Canadian InfantryCanadian
GORDON RUTHVENHERON33Canadian InfantryCanadian
FRANK CAMERONJAMIESON26Canadian InfantryCanadian
GEORGE GEOFFREYMAY23Canadian InfantryCanadian
ALBERT EDWARDMOSS32Canadian Machine Gun CorpsCanadian
GEORGE EDGARRUSSELL28Canadian InfantryCanadian
REGINALD LAWRENCESLADEN19Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
GEORGE ARTHURTHORNE21Royal Canadian RegimentCanadian

A total of 2,400 Canadian troops died on the day, according to, and 4,386 UK troops. Fighting at Vimy Canadians captured about 4,000 Germans while the UK troops fighting simultaneously at Arras captured 5,600 Germans.

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