Monday, 16 April 2018

Stephen Harper: LAC's million dollar man

According to the Main Estimates for 2018–19 tabled in Parliament on Monday Library and Archives Canada is proposed to receive a net increase of $4.5 million over the 2017–18 Main Estimates.  The changes are:

An increase of $4.3 million for the revitalization of Indigenous languages and cultures initiative;
An increase of $2.3 million for negotiated salary adjustments;
An increase of $1.1 million for the private records of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper;An increase of $0.5 million for adjustments to the contributions to employee benefits plans; and
A decrease of $3.7 million for the implementation of the Long Term Real Property Plan.
The full LAC Departmental Plan 2018-19 which might have further details is yet to be posted.


Anonymous said...

Surely that pile of millions isn't to BUY Harper's papers, is it? It was bad enough that he made the government buy his old furniture when he left office ..... A more Trumpian gesture would be hard to contemplate. Cheers, BT

JDR said...

The LAC documentation states the funds are to "acquire, process, preserve and make accessible the files of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper."