Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Two Billionth Image Added at FamilySearch

A news release from FamilySearch announced a milestone "The genealogy giant’s free online databases of digitized historical documents have now surpassed 2 billion images of genealogy records with millions more being added weekly from countries around the world."

"FamilySearch currently adds over 300 million new images a year online from its microfilm to digital and field operations efforts."

"A host of online volunteers (See FamilySearch Indexing), partners, and emerging technologies help to eventually create searchable name indexes to the images ..."

As much as FamilySearch is to be congratulated I was a bit surprised at the mention of Indexing. There are no projects going on for Canada, and haven't been for a long while -- I've been checking.

Where is the effort going? 11 indexing projects for Italy, 8 for the USA, 4 for Germany Brazil, and 3 each for France, Peru, South Africa, Sweden, UK and Venezuela. 

For the UK two are for England and one military:

  • UK, England, Lincolnshire—Parish Registers, 1538–1990 [Part B]
  • UK, England—Bedfordshire Parish Registers, 1754–1983
  • UK—War Office Registers, Enlistment Rolls 1772–1935 [Part B].
There are no projects for Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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A van Helsdingen said...

Regarding the indexing projects, you are partially mistaken. There are several more projects for the UK and Ireland (e.g. Ireland Civil deaths and marriages, Surrey, Northumberland, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire parish records), but most of these projects are in the review stage. Anyone who has indexed 1000+ records is allowed to review in the new online indexing program. The review stage is still part of the indexing process.