Sunday, 1 April 2018

Internet Genealogy: April-May 2018

What's in the new issue?

A Visit to the Internet Archive
Diane L. Richard writes the Internet Archive is one of her all-time favourite websites. Me too. The Internet Archive ranks 278th on Alexa, well ahead of Diane takes us on a guided tour of some of its facets and recent developments, and mentions other digital book/web archives. Worth emphasizing is that new material is constantly being added, 24 items were added to the Canadian collection alone on 26 March. In case you weren't aware, you can now do whole text searches across the whole collection or in a specific volume.

Harness the Power of RootsMagic and TreeShare for Ancestry
George G. Morgan explores the benefits of using this remarkable two-way interface for updating your Ancestry family tree

Save Money on Your Genealogy!
Gena Philibert-Ortega offers key tips and online strategies for helping you keep your family history research budget under control! While specific examples are US-centric many of her suggestions are applicable globally.

Pharmacists in the Family
David A. Norris reveals where you might find records of apothecaries and pharmacists. As with the previous article the emphasis is on US experience and sources.

When the Shoe Fits
Sue Lisk suggests and illustrates weaving snippets and tales around a theme when sharing your ancestors’ stories using US and Canadian stories. This is the first of two articles by her, an author whose writing I'm increasingly appreciating.

REVIEW: Write Daily with Writely
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a new app to help you build a daily family history writing habit and concludes that "if you are looking for that extra push to build a daily writing habit , you can't go wrong with Writely".

REVIEW: MemoryWeb and Your Family Photos!
Tony Bandy looks at a new photo service to help you organize and share your family photos. It's primarily an iOS application with aspects of the service still under development at the time of Tony's review. There's a free 90 trial if you're interested.

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news.

Getting to Way Back When: A Conversation
Sue Lisk looks at why interviewing the elder members of a community can be much more gratifying than any lore gleaned from web sources.

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Dave Obee says “You can’t rewrite history”

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