Tuesday, 30 October 2018

BIFHSGO Conference Presentation Videos Online for Members

Perhaps you were at the BIFHSGO conference but unable to be in two places at once. Or maybe you're a BIFHSGO member who was unable to be at the conference. Whichever, the power of your membership is the ability to travel back in time to view video recordings of all the conference presentations.

You do have to be a BIFHSGO member, and sign in on the website.

Tracing a Scottish Regiment over Three Countries (Sam Allison) 
Who Are the Scots? Not Celts! (Bruce Durie)   
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda: A Look at Ethics in Genetic Genealogy (Diahan Southard)
Leaving a Legacy: Creating a Family History Book (Lynn Palermo) NOTE: poor audio quality due to microphone issue
Wills, Testaments, Inventories and Retours: Inheritance in Scotland (Bruce Durie)   
Back to 18th Century Scotland with Autosomal DNA (Linda Reid)
The Combined Power of Y-DNA and Autosomal DNA (Diahan Southard)
Finding Your Ancestors with FamilySearch (Shirley-Ann Pyefinch) 
Genes and Genealogy: Is Surname a Good Predictor of Ethnic Origin? (Bruce Durie) 
The Wonders of WikiTree: Adventures in Collaborative Genealogy (Leanne Cooper) 
A Day Out with Your DNA (Diahan Southard) 
Scottish Funeral Customs and Death Records (Sadie De Finney)
Regular and Irregular Marriages in Scotland Before 1834 (Bruce Durie) 
If I Had to Do it Over Again (Lynn Palermo) 
How DNA Made a Family Out of Strangers (Diahan Southard) 

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