Wednesday, 3 October 2018

How deep are your Ottawa genealogical roots?

How many of these chairs of Ottawa Branch OGS do you remember?

Wilfred Kearns*; 1970-72
Gordon Phillips*; 1972-73
Kenneth Collins*; 1973-75
Fern Small*; 1975-77
George Neville; 1977-79
Bruce Elliott; 1979-81
Fern Small*; 1981-82
John Carruthers; 1982-84
Patrick Horan*; 1984-87
Don Whiteside*; 1987-88
Alan Rayburn; 1988-90
Brian O'Regan*; 1990-92
John (Jack) Moody*; 1992-93
Don Park; 1992-95
Michael (Mike) More; 1995-97
Norah Cousins-La Rocque*; 1997-98
Heather Oakley; 1998-99
Norine Wolfe; 2000-02
Heather Oakley; 2002-2002
Mike More; 2003-11
Heather Oakley and Mike More; 2012
Norah Cousins-La Rocque*; 2013
Doug Gray; 2014 -

* indicates known deceased

How many of the first members recorded in Vol 1, No 1 of the Ottawa Branch News for April 1970 do you remember?

Wilf Kearns
Winnifred Rosewarne
Margaret Moffatt
J. I. Conners
Mrs. K. Danby
Grant Kalbfleisch
Gord Phillips
Bob Switzer,
Mrs. G. S. Oyen
Robb Watt
Ron Curtis
Mrs J. H. Cathcart
Gord Crouse
J. de Quimper
Margaret Dufresne
Betty Gordon
Mrs L.G. Hathoway
Alan Knowles
Maude McClelland
Louise Stearns
Elizabeth Stuart
Mr and Mrs Albert Boorno (?)
Hartley Hawkins
Lloyd Kealey
Patricia Wetzel
Doug Campbell
Anita and John Coderre
Bob Stone
Patricia and Margaret Craig
Lloyd Dunham
Pat Evans
Florence Bilton
Doris Honeywell
Mrs Paul Smith
Kathy Mowat
Mrs F. E. Cochran
Mrs V. J. Wilgress
Mr and Mrs Stuart White
Jack Dere
Doug Hughes
Strome Galloway
Mrs Rene Sevigny
Mrs Harold Kirk
Doreen Arkbuckle
John Appleby.

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Anonymous said...

I think I joined the Ottawa branch about 1974. I have met many of the people named as chair through the years and Anita Codere was my go-to researcher for years.