Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Findmypast discount offer

I'm a long-time Findmypast subscriber and use it frequently, especially these days for the digitized British newspaper access.

Sadly FMP has discontinued discount subscription offers in conjunction with membership in genealogical and family history societies.

Now, for a limited time, we can all get 15% off a 12-month Findmypast Pro subscription.

The offer is good for new subscribers and existing subscribers who auto-renew and is open until 23.59 BST, 16th October 2018. It may not work if you don't have auto-renew checked.

For the small print see

Note that after the initial 12-month period, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the normal price unless you un-tick the ‘auto-renew my subscription’ box in the My Account section of the site.

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Peggy Homans Chapman said...

My FMP subscription expired about 6 weeks ago, and unlike Ancestry, I have not received one offer to lure me back. I actually was curious as to what would happen by not renewing and on principle I object to auto-renew. So with interest, I followed your link to the 15% discount and decided to take advantage of the offer and renew. Of course, the system recognized my email and redirected me to my expired subscription. As I processed through the renewal/payment process, I was presentned with the PRO offer with a 19% discount. What was interesting is that the 15% discount offered a one year amount of £132.60 and the 19% discount resulted in an annual fee of £156! I have screen shots of both displays but I don't thinnk I can add to this format. I am sending FMP an email and asking for an explanation. And they wonder why we don't always trust these companies!