Monday, 1 October 2018

Internet Genealogy: October/November 2018

Here are the contents of the new issue.

Digital Public Library of America 
Diane L. Richard looks at the redesigned website and the great value it can bring to your research. Although primarily a resource for US researchers Canadians and others can be surprised at the diverse material from outside the USA incorporated.

Review: Four Helpful Tools for Family History Writers 
Lisa A. Alzo reviews four online tools you will want to add to your family history writer’s toolkit

Using an Evernote Digital Bullet Journal 
Lisa A. Alzo offers tips for going paperless with a popular productivity system

Naval Muster Rolls
David A. Norris looks at new record collections that make it easier to research your Naval ancestors. Includes brief mention of the Royal Navy; nothing for Canada.

Trading In an Old Name: Occupations of Yesteryear 
Sue Lisk reveals websites to help you sort out what your ancestors did for a living

Julie’s Story 
Gabrielle Morgan reunites a family after 60 years using the power of newspaper research. Mother and daughter reunited thanks for the digitized newspapers online from the National Library of Australia Trove site. How many similar stories cannot be told because LAC decided not to take a similar initiative?

More Than Their Two Cents 
Sue Lisk looks at five tips to help you find the prices from the past.

Book Review 
Lisa A. Alzo reviews James M. Beidler's The Family Tree Historical Newspapers Guide. I also reviewed this book, available at the Ottawa Public Library, here.

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Do You Have Ancestors Who Were Indentured Servants? 
Diane L. Richard highlights databases containing information to assist in your research. Includes databases for servants origins in the UK, and the Library and Archives Canada Home Children site.

Review: Genealogy as Art: A First Look at Geniarts! 
Tony Bandy reviews a unique solution to creating remarkable artwork from your family data. Tony's focus is on getting data into the website. See for examples of the products.

Living DNA and Findmypast: Double Helix of Laboratory and Lineage
Joe Grandinetti looks at the double helix of laboratory and lineage. Basically a PR piece.

Back Page 
Dave Obee says persistence is the key when contacting DNA matches

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