Friday, 12 October 2018

Journal of One-Name Studies: Oct-Dec 2018

The Guild of One-Name Studies originated and is still significantly focused in the UK, witness the events organized and metric format of the journal.
Yet many of the 2,899 members live elsewhere, witness the first three main articles in the most recent Journal issue.
Pamela Lydford, from Australia, recounts the life of Sir Harold Thomas Lydford (1898 - 1979) from her small(ish)  Lydford/Lidford one name study.
Albertan Wayne Shepheard writes on Surname Origins - Why? When? When Then?. He explains why he believes climate change, in particular during the last millennium had a substantial impact on surnames coming into common use.
David Pike, from Newfoundland, documents his experience in Promoting the Pike One-Name Study with Google Ads. Google wasn't entirely straightforward in promoting the free offer of advertising on AdWords he received yet the lessons from the experience, especially the impressions and clicks, helped elucidate the distribution and interest in the name.  David found that care is needed in selecting keywords and phrases to avoid fishing in the wrong pond (pike). AdWords might be worth considering in promoting a genealogical society in a more modern way than notices in newspapers, flyers and posters on notice boards.

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David Pike said...

Yes, Google Ads is indeed a good way to promote a genealogical society, especially since Google provides grants for such advertising to registered charities. Do a Google Search for genealogy in Newfoundland and you may well see such an ad for the Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador! :)