Sunday, 11 November 2018

Celebrating the Armistice

These days 11 November is a solemn occasion, Remembrance Day. A century ago it was different. The front page of the newspaper carried the facts; inside the paper covered celebration under a headline across a full page "OTTAWA CELEBRATES WAR'S END WITH UNPRECEDENTED ENTHUSIASM". The Armistice meant victory, the terms of the Armistice left no doubt, and the end of war.

"Within two minutes of the receipt of the news in Ottawa that the armistice had been signed, scores of whistles at industrial plants conveyed, as per arrangements made by The Journal Newspapers, the great news that the world war had come to successful conclusion in favor of the Allies. Even at the early hour of 3:01 scores of citizens arose from their beds and made their way down town. In front of The Journal building there was quite a demonstration.
The fire department, church bells, and citizens with guns and revolvers created a din that could be heard in the four comers of the city. Ottawa was awakened."

Sub-headings were:

Noise of all kinds let loose
Autoists disregarded traffic laws
Enormous Bonfire (at Sparks and O'Connor, also Wellington and Metcalfe)

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