Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Where are Canada's genealogy hotspots?

A total of 79 people in Canada spend $100 US per year for membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists. It's a sign they're seriously interested.
Not surprisingly given overall populations the majority, 42, live in Ontario. Toronto is the address given by 9, Ottawa by 5.
Second is British Columbia (12) with 4 in Vancouver; third Alberta (11) with 6 in Edmonton and 3 in Calgary.
On a population weighted basis three members make Saskatchewan the hotspot by province (3.49 per million), followed by Ontario (2.95), Alberta (2.57) and British Columbia (2.49).
For the major cities on a per capita basis the hotspot is Edmonton, followed by Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto.

These pale in comparison to Utah with 115 APG members, 37.07 per million. In Salt Lake City there are 44 APG members, more than in all Ontario.

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