Saturday, 10 November 2018

Served in the First World War

This would be a good time to remember those in your family tree who served during the war.

Here are those in my family tree who served.

Braham Cowen (Cpl, Royal Engineers, motorcycle dispatch rider, survived)
James Digby Reid (Pvt, 51st Provisional Battalion, Welsh Regiment, survived)
Edward Cohen, MC (T/2nd Lt, 12th,  Royal Fusiliers, killed 31 July 1917)
John Alfred Derby Barnett (Lt, 28th Battalion CEF, survived but totally blinded)
Edward Digby (Pvt, 1/14 London Regiment (London Scottish). killed 1 July 1916)
Albert Digby (CSM, 14th Battalion, London Regiment, survived)
Herbert Ordish Reid (Pvt, 29th Battalion. Middlesex Regiment, survived)
Bernard William Arthur Ordish (Pvt, 28th London Regiment, survived)

Also give a thought to those who lost a child, sibling or parent.

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