Saturday, 3 November 2018

Findmypast additions for Ireland and Scotland

New records and newspapers available to search this week from Findmypast:

O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees
Published in 1915, these are two volumes of genealogy for Irish families.

Volume one, as quoted in the book, 'We give in the "Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation", and, so far as we could collect them, the genealogies of the families which branched from that ancient stem'.

Volume two, as quoted in the book, 'We give the "Families in Ireland from the twelfth to the end of the sixteenth century", with the counties in which they, respectively, we located'.

By no means are all families from Ireland included. Each record is available in a PDF format and will reveal biographical details such as birth dates, death dates, marriage dates, spouse's names, children's names, occupations and more.

Ireland 1931 Trade Directory

The 1931 Trade Directory is useful if you have an interest in a business, from large companies, banks, tradesmen to small local businesses. With each record find a transcript of the directory including a combination of name, business or company, occupation and address.

Ireland, Gravestone Records
Covering all 32 Counties in Ireland, these records reference hundreds of graveyards. The gravestone records contain the details of almost 57,600 individuals. The transcript of the original gravestone record usually includes a combination of age at death, birth year, death year, death date, occupation and burial location.

Scotland Monumental Inscriptions
Over 30,000 records covering Abernethy, Greyfriars, Kilmore, Urray, Clachan, and more have been added to the collection of Scottish Monumental Inscriptions. Each result will give you a transcript of the burial monument. These records were created by a variety of family history societies and independent licensors, with transcripts that will vary depending on the age of the monument and its legibility. Most will include death date and burial location at the very least.

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