Thursday, 1 November 2018

Your Genealogy Today: Nov/Dec 2018

My subscription to the magazine expired. Renewal is arranged, but for the time being, without comment, here are the contents for the Nov/Dec 2018 issue as advertised on the company website.

Beyond Serendipity: Off the Beaten Path 
Sue Lisk highlights the adventures of two women who search for their ancestors in abandoned graveyards and "lost" cemeteries

The "Other" Military Pensions
Besides the Federal Government, David A. Norris reminds us that colonies and states also provided military pensions and bonuses

Louisiana State Archives Inherits a Big Donation
Leslie Michele Derrough looks at how one man’s passion for genealogy helps future generations in Louisiana and beyond

Biographical Narratives
Joe Grandinetti looks at a vicarious approach to ancestral encounters when you are missing that firsthand perspective

My Ancestor Was a Bastard
Robbie Gorr tries to solve the identity of the father of an illegitimate ancestor

DNA & Genealogy
Diahan Southard explains the importance of the centimorgan in genetic genealogy

Connect With Classmates to Discover Your Ancestor’s Story
Kim Simpson discovers that you can learn a lot from interviewing classmates of an ancestor to help fill in the missing pieces of their early life

Did Your Ancestor Have a Greenhouse?
Diane L. Richard says understanding the context of our ancestors lives helps to shine light on how they lived and the choices they made

Advice From the Pros
Diane L. Richard says no rock is too slimy to look under!

The Back Page
Dave Obee asks: Can you handle the truth?

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