Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Perth & District Historical Society November Meeting

“In Memoriam: Protection, Peace, Security”

For the 15 November meeting PDHS welcomes Major General (Ret.) Clive Addy, and will consider the ‘messages’ received from the conflicts of the 20th and 21st Century and the reasons for perpetuating remembrance of Canada’s Fallen.

As the Royal Canadian Legion’s Act of Remembrance states “We will remember them”: in WWI – 60,000 (51,748 in enemy action); WWII – 44,000; Korea – 516; Bosnia – 23; Afghanistan – 159.  And, of the thousands who served and survived, many were injured. 

To remember “The Fallen” is one thing, but it is another to determine what might be required to ensure that there would not be such sacrifices in the future.  The Fallen would undoubtedly appreciate the formal respect that is delivered across Canada.  However, to perpetuate these memories, Canadians might also consider how to follow a military course that ensures the maintenance of our quality of life and democratic principles, as well as the security of our country and borders from internal and external threats, while contributing to world peace. 

At the same time, world conflict is increasing, from racial, religious, economic, climatic and many other challenges, complicated by the growth of factors such as new weaponry and artificial intelligence.  Withdrawing from these challenges is not an option for Canada, but what might we do?  Join us to hear Major General (Ret.) Clive Addy address this topic, and what route Canada might follow locally, provincially and nationally. 

Clive Addy has a personal history of service to Canada through 43 years with the military.  He also has extensive volunteer experience in defence and security matters, and other sectors such as sustainable communities, architectural conservation, and family counselling.  Our guest was born in Ottawa in 1944 and followed a family tradition in the military.  His post secondary school education included Collège Militaire Royale de Saint Jean, Royal Military College, and, in France, École Supérieure de Guerre.  He is multilingual and has lived in, or travelled to, 35 countries.  He has been married to his wife, Marlene, for over 50 years, has two children and two grandchildren.  His other interests include sports, theatre and community life. 

Come early this month, as the Legion will open their Hall of Remembrance from 6:00 pm to the meeting start at 7:30.   

Location is Perth's Royal Canadian Legion,
26 Beckwith Street E., Perth, (Toonie Donation).

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