Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Ancestry MyTreeTags™

With MyTreeTags™ you can add labels to people in your tree to highlight personal details or clarify your research status.

You can use tag within pre-determined categories, DNA, Research, Reference and Relationship, or create your own. Relationships Tags, for example, include Adopted Into This Family, Adopted Out of This Family, Died Young, Direct Ancestor, Multiple Spouses, Never Married, No Children, Orphan. If you feel conflicted about adding someone you have doubts about you can tag them as unverified.

You tag from the Tree View page or Ancestor Page view by left clicking on the hammer and spanner (wrench) icon as shown.

You can then search to bring up a list of those with that tag.

Ancestry informs"MyTreeTags will be in public beta on 2/27 and anyone with an account (no subscription necessary) may opt-in at

I'd like to see automatic tagging of people who meet specified criteria.

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