Thursday, 28 February 2019

Ottawa DNA SIG, and extra

The next meeting is on Saturday 2 March starting at 9:30 am

Bob Butler will talk about:

Genealogy Tools & Tests   -   A Comparison of Alternatives

The primary focus is a comparison of Autosomal tests available from different companies.

Ethnicity results are compared for a person of British and Irish descent.     Ethnicity results are also compared for identical twins of Sicilian and Ukrainian descent, using data from the CBC Marketplace program.    "DNA Ancestry Tests: Can you trust the results?"

DNA Matches are compared in terms of the effectiveness of identifying common ancestors.

The presentation also includes a brief review of basics for beginners.

There will be a round table discussion with remaining time.

The meeting is at the City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood on the ground floor.

The meeting would normally end around 11:30 am. That's the time when RootsTech will stream Examining Your DNA Matches with DNA Painter to be presented by Jonny Perl. He will demonstrate how DNA Painter can be used for a variety of activities including chromosome mapping and relationship prediction for unknown DNA matches. We will attempt to connect to the streaming presentation for those who want to stay.

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