Tuesday, 26 February 2019

FamilySearch now has Canada, Prairie Provinces 1926 Census Indexed with Linked Images

Without fanfare (yet?) FamilySearch has posted census returns for the three Prairie Provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta for 1926; all fully indexed and linked to images of the original.


There are 2,016,404 entries, 562,234 for Manitoba, 686,192 for Saskatchewan, and 519,163 for Alberta. Also 28,710 for Ontario! I'm unsure about the rest, none in BC, although did find some where there was no residence province in the index.
A very quick test of the search found it worked well with ability to limit hits by criteria like birthplace, residence, etc.


LAC has now posted the census and mention it includes 2,067,393 individuals distributed across three provinces as follows:

Manitoba (639,056)
Saskatchewan, (820,738)
Alberta (607,599).

Search from http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/1926/Pages/default.aspx


Jackie Corrigan said...

Great news. I just wish there was a way to correct entries. I've already found several spelling errors.

Lou said...

Those 28,710 Ontario residents are actually living in Saskatchewan Electoral District Long Lake 22, which has been incorrectly indexed as Long Lake, Kennebec, Frontenac, Ontario.

Anonymous said...

It’s curious that the numbers are different between the two organization. Any idea why?


THE enumerators seem to have written "DUtch" instead of "DEUTSCH" (GERMAN) in several places on this census!! BEWARE!!