Friday, 1 February 2019

Internet Genealogy Feb/March 2019

1867 Voter Registration
Diane L. Richard takes a further look at voter registration records and reveals some new resources

We’re Virtually in Clover with Irish Records
Joe Grandinetti looks at the vast and growing online collection of Irish genealogical resources and where to find them

The History and Sacrifice of Many
Tony Bandy examines the International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive and your genealogy

Dear Diary
Sue Lisk looks at sources you can find to help you better understand your ancestors’ lives

Dating Old Photographs
David A. Norris looks at dating pictures through changes in the US flag

Probing the Past
Diane L. Richard looks into the Gunston Hall Plantation Probate Inventory Database

Review: MYndVault
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a new service that helps you create your digital immortality

Some Genealogy That is Out of This World
David A. Norris looks at US Air Force UFO Investigations

Bay Watch
Sue Lisk suggests five ways that you can use eBay to help research your ancestors

Lineal Links
Joe Grandinetti looks at the expanding Italian records collection at FamilySearch

Internet Genealogy looks at websites that are sure to be of interest

Back Page
Dave Obee suggests checking the fiction shelves when doing family research

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