Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Titus One-Name Study Reborn

After a considerable hiatus, as his site was hacked, BIFHSGO member Bill Arthurs Titus Family website is back with over 186,000 names. They aren't all named Titus — Titus spouses and other relatives are also included — so the collection may not make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

As Bill includes female lines it's a place to look on the off-chance someone you're searching married into the extended family as well as for Tituses.

The index shows each name associated with a Titus line classified as either New Brunswick (15), Dutch or Netherlands (14), German (12), or American (17).  There's a description of each line found by scrolling down on the Index page. Bracketed above are the number of generations in each line counting foward from when the progenitor immigrant arrived in North America. You may be tempted to estimate the approximate age from the generation but Bill cautions that can be deceiving. 

Bill also reproduces some of the articles he's published, like Reaching Ten Million the Easy Way.

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