10 December 2020

Christmas Lies and Legends

Do you have an open mind? If you don't mind having some of your cherished beliefs exploded?

"Is Santa really Dutch? Were Christmas Trees introduced by Prince Albert? Was Christmas once a time of faith, rather than riotous feasting? 

In this lecture, social historian Judith Flanders considers Christmas myths and Christmas memory, and will explore how everything you think you know about Christmas is wrong. She looks at the long history of nostalgia for a different kind of Christmas, and whether Christmas ever really existed at all."

Watch on replay at https://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/christmas-legends

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Gail B said...

Certain to be worth a read. Judith Flanders is one of the most respected historians in the U.K. I have read many of her books and exhort anyone interested in reading her works to borrow from their public library. Her newest, on the Alphabet, of all things, is somewhat of a best seller.