01 December 2020

Grab the Legacy Webinar Bargain

It's the best bargain going in genealogy (except for the freebees).

Until Friday snap up an annual membership to Legacy Webinars for half-price. At $24.98 US it's only for new members, which means anyone who doesn't have a current subscription.

You get "24/7 access to 1,300+ full-length genealogy classes PLUS all 5,300+ pages of instructors' handouts." And continuing access to all the new material added during the year, typically 2-3 webinars each week, often by "name" speakers. Compare that to the typical $5 - 10 cost of a single session at a conference.

If I seem enthusiastic I am, which is why I let my subscription expire a couple of months ago in anticipation of the sale. I grabbed it as soon as I got the notice.

There's also 50% off Legacy Family Tree 9.0 deluxe software!

Order now, for 50% off!

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