02 December 2020

The National Archives’ Annual Digital Lecture poster exhibition

While not directly relevant to family history, this initiative from TNA shows how COVID has been a stimulus to innovation and change. In previous years, TNA's Annual Digital Lecture and poster display have taken place in person, but this year is moved online for a much wider audience. 

Below you’ll see each project title, followed by a short video describing the project, and an online poster display. I especially liked Project ALPHA highlighted below which shows TNA being open and receptive to comments about the development of its website.

Explore and Discover: Applying AI vision search technologies to our collections – Lora Angelova and Lucia Pereira-Pardo (The National Archives)

Maps, merchants and machines: AI for revealing maritime trade and mapmaking practice – Lucia Pereira-Pardo (The National Archives)

Explainable AI: Explaining AI in an archival context – Mark Bell, Jo Pugh, Jenny Bunn (The National Archives) and Leontien Talboom (University College London and The National Archives)

Computing Cholera? Distant Reading’ General Board of Health catalogue data – Chris Day (The National Archives)

Computational Archival Science (CAS): An international research collaboration network – Eirini Goudarouli (The National Archives), Mark Hedges (King’s College London), Richard Marciano (University of Maryland), David Beavan (The Alan Turing Institute)

Network analysis of visual collections: Entry form records of the Copyright Office, 1837-1912 – Dr Katherine Howells (The National Archives)

DiAGRAM: Digital Archiving Graphical Risk Assessment Model – Alex Green, Hannah Merwood, David Underdown, Alec Mulinder and Sonia Ranade (The National Archives)

Social Media Archive: Expanding the collection and improving the service – Tom Storrar and Claire Newing (The National Archives)

*** Project ALPHA: The future of The National Archives on the web – Jenifer Klepfer and Simon Wilkes (The National Archives)

Preserving Google Docs: Enabling transfer and preservation of cloud native formats – Paul Young (The National Archives)2020 Annual Digital Lecture: Staff research poster exhibition

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